The Carrara program API 622 involves the stem packing for Valves in accordance to the design API 600, API 602, API 603 e API 623.

In the API standard design update, was recently introduced (January 2015) the specification about the stem packing which requires  that the stem seals have to be in accordance to API 622. This  standard requires for the packing the test FE, the Corrosion Test at RT and 176 ° C, the Weight Loss and the Fire test API 589.

It is at end required the valve production’s test in accordance to API 624 standard.

The products covered by these specifications are:

The special program API 622 and API 624 approvals includes:

  1. API 622, 3 stars Packing Approved Low Fugitive Emissions
  2. Corrosion Test
  3. Fire test API 589

Carrara offers in his program the API 624 production testing service near his laboratory where are carried out the FE test with Methane gas.