HSE Policy

The HSE plan, finalized in accordance with the ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 main guidelines, even if the System is subject only to internal audits, is developed according to the following main criteria:

  • Allocate resources, identify roles and the responsibles for execution and auditing arrangements.
  • Propose specific target and annual review.
  • Identify the risk analysis methods and the risk’s score attribution
  • Monitor the events and require a route-cause analysis for each event occurred.
  • The HSE offprint plan has to be notified to all employees Carrara Spa which are required to accept and comply the rules.
  • Fully comply with the Italian Laws concerning the HSE matters.
  • Keep continuously updated the “risk analysis”, making sure that all risks have been considered and that the scores of the identified risks are always reliable and realistic.
  • Verify that the employees have received and receive yearly, according to plan, adequate information and training to minimize the events.
  • Promote the safe culture’s growing, encouraging the Bottom – Top communication to cooperate for the HSE plan improvement.
  • Carrara has chosen to have business relationship with organizations that have and implement an Ethic Code and a HSE policy. Each supplier is monitored with a questionnaire end/or audited in order to be included into the Carrara’s Vendor List

The average index (IFI Index of Accidents ) = [ [ numb . Of Accidents / h worked ] x 1,000,000 ], along the last 60 months was 8.97 ( 0.00 along the last 24 months) and puts the organization in Carrara Class A concerning this specific index.