Sigraflex® Hexagon


SIGRAFLEX® HEXAGON is an adhesive-free graphite sealing sheet made from flexible graphite foil with a single honeycomb 316 (L) stainless steel reinforcement. The layers of graphite and stainless steel are joined together in a patented adhesive-free process. Contrary to conventional stainless steel reinforcements such as smooth, tanged or expanded metal, the innovative honeycomb structure reduces leakage significantly. The constant thickness of the honeycomb reduces the diffusion of the media through the gasket due to the increase in gasket stress around each cell. To further reduce leakage the sealing sheet is impregnated. With SIGRAFLEX® HEXAGON SGL Group offers a sealing sheet which meets the tightened legislative requirements for environmental protection.

TA Luft (VDI 2440/VDI 2200)
Fire safety according to API 607
Blow-out resistance (TÜV at 2.5 times the nominal pressure)
DVGW (DIN 3535-6)
Sigraflex® Hexagon