GORE® GFO® Braided Packing


Because the GF7700 packing made with GORE® GFO® yarns is so durable and lasts so long, its in-use cost is much lower than other packing options. Since the packing itself represents only 3% of the total cost of repairing pump packing failures, the real savings gained by a longer-running pump is many times greater. Experience reduced downtime, small fluid losses, and lower total labor cost. Gore has certified a select group of braiders to provide the highest quality GORE® GFO® packing. Now you can be sure you’re getting genuine 100% GORE® GFO® packing by looking for the name printed right on the packing. It’s the only packing that’s identified this way.


100% GORE® GFO® fibers


The GF7700 braided packink made with GORE® GFO® yarns can be used for a wide variety of sealing applications throughout industry. It can be used in many pumps, including centrifugal, rotary, turbine, and reciprocating. It is also useful in agitators, mixers, dryers, and refiners. Because of this wide range of service, GORE® GFO® packing can be your standard packing solution.
GORE® GFO® Braided Packing