Composite yarns high temperature resistant
Special impregnation


It’s the packing PERFORMER. K9001 is made with inorganic yarns inside and covered with a special composite yarns bonded with solid lubricant to reduce the coefficient of friction and increase the surface's heat resistance. The pad is available also in the style K9001/2 with supplementary body impregnation.

It’s the packing PREMIUM. N9001 is made with inorganic yarns inside, pure continuous para-aramid yarns on the corners and special composite yarns on the body with high resistance to the abrasion. The special bonding reduces the coefficient of friction and increase thw wiping performance.

It’s the BASIC Pad. V9001 is made with inorganic yarns inside and glass yarns PTFE bonded. This PAD offer an excellent performance.


Wiping Quality
For efficient wiping system the PAD must fit the right compromised between hardness and softness, in order to provide the correct grade galvanized coating thickness. Thanks to special manufacturing process developed by Carrara,the 9001 PAD always offers the best quality.

Long life in service
The service lead time depends on the materials and quality production. Thanks to yarns selection and the Carrara’s experience, the product line 9001 PAD is a reliable partner for Zinc Wire Plants.

The PAD service life is the key to increase production lots minimizing shutdown production and maintenance replacement. Carrara experience in this specific field has allowed the creation of the 9001 PAD line contributing effectively to reduce costs.