The introduction of ethics in corporate processes was considered by Carrara as a key factor for the development of quality and competitiveness of company because it directs the growth of the organization according to logic of sustainability. In his Ethical Code, Carrara has defined the norms and principles, the requirements of Compliance with rules and his Mode of promotion. In the code was considered the individual and collective behaviour and also the fact that the application of principles concern the respect of law but also the respect of moral values that must be followed.

Norms and Principles

Carrara adheres at principles of Model 231 and the Ethical Corporate code referred to D.Lgs 231/10 in relation at the general principles of sustainability and responsibility of Company. The conduction of business and corporate activities must be developed with honesty, fairness and good faith and it requires that all the members of the organization share these principles and adhere to applicable laws, internal regulations and to maintain the course of their activities an intact and correct behaviour towards their colleagues and third parties. Carrara is committed to pursuing the protection of human rights according to the principles of equity and equality, protecting the health and the environment in which they live and with the censure of behaviours that can discriminate the individual expectations and the dignity of a person.

Rules of Compliance & Internal Control System

Carrara is committed to develop and maintain an active control internal system, to every level, to check the respect of laws and corporate procedures. Every members of the organization, which is the guardian of property, tangible or intangible and also the information assigned for the practice of his activities must contribute to the action of control with the explicit sharing of principles and rules that the Company is equipped.

Obligation to know the Code

All members of the organization must know the norms and the principles of the code, they are obliged to observe the rules, to promote it to increase their diffusion, to share it and to report.

Conflict of Interests

While recognizing and respecting the individual right of participation at investments, business or other activities different of those of the company provided legal, Carrara warns that those activities could produce an conflict of interests in behaviours below:

  • Use of information or business opportunities acquired during the exercise of activities undue advantage for themselves and third parts.
  • Conducting of business activities for employees, partners, and family to suppliers or competitors.

Confidentiality and Protection of Privacy

Everyone is obliged to maintain the reserve on the internal and external information and to protect and respect the privacy of Customers, Supplies and of all the other members of the organization.

Protection of Health, Safety and Environment

Carrara considers Health, Safety and Environmental protection as inalienable rights for the individual and for the community and for this reason Carrara performs all its activities with investments and resources to reach these objectives of sustainability and improvement. Carrara cooperate with Suppliers that approve and play the same principles. Everyone is required to operate in respect with the procedures and rules that the company has adopted and to cooperate for the diffusion and sharing of a culture founded on safety and sustainability.

Promotion of individual and collective resources

Carrara recognizes the heritage of experiences, reliability and competences accumulated by the members of his organization and Carrara constantly operates with the objective that this value increase every year. Everyone must contribute according to his abilities and role into the process of growth of the organization, taking an active, critical and proactive role for the improvement of processes and procedures of the Company.