The improvement of the intangible Assets namely human capital, that is the set of knowledge and the relationships linked to the personality of the people that work in the company, of structural capital, that is the set of procedures and rules, written or not, that allow the company to operate and the relational capital, that is the image of the company perceived by the different stakeholders internal and external like customers, suppliers, Institutional and employees, it is one of the strategic objectives of the company, that is already pursued at least by a decade, these are the elements that have contributed to the creation of value.

Investment in Research and Development has always been a constant in the industrial strategy of Carrara, which it has always dedicated resources managing to get international patents products. Over time the thrust is geared more towards the organization, services and the integration of new products lines, but never forgetting the upgrade of the historical product range, for which the innovation level it is possible but however modest (irreplaceable products, but mature).

The meaning attribute to the term “research and development” in market reference it was intended as “research, analysis of potential, development and start-up of the production process or commercialization of complementary products” that insists on the same portfolio existing and potential like “innovation in terms of organization”.

In the Market Vision, the Regional Markets have not been considered in terms of together , but like an aggregation of activity segments. This approach has deleted the transnational barriers because the market segments have languages, needs and homogeneous habits and they are at least partially independents of the Region of origin. The action of scouting of potential customers has therefore followed strictly these guidelines.

Thanks to the implementation of these specific and targeted plans, Carrara was able to position itself in the competitive International scenario, like one of the best Player of the Sector.

Its portfolio currently has thousand Customers in 5 Continents, among which many International famous Brands.