GRAPHITE PACKING style GR8622: designed for Low Emission Services!

GR8622 is the low emission graphite packing for Industrial Valves API 622 3rd Edition approved suitable both as first equipment and for maintenance. It keeps its elastic properties and sealing performance over time requiring limitated re-tightening.

GR8622 is the graphite packing designed to minimize the valve emissions of VOC and VHAP fluids and most non-oxidising chemicals, but it can also be used for H.P./H.T. steam valves. With GR8622 the maintenance of the whole set of the plant’s valves cab be solved just with a packing thereby reducing at the same time the warehouse costs and the unpredictable mistakes of selection.

GR8622 can be used equally for cryogenics services at -200°C and for high temperatures services up to 650°C with non-oxidising fluids and up to 450°C with weakly oxidizing fluids and hot air. In order to work under any pressure condition, suitable for pressure classes up to API 10000, GR8622 was designed with specially reinforced expanded flexible graphite yarns. GR8622 can be used with the whole range from 0 to 14, with the exception of strong oxidants.


  • API std 622 3rd Edition
  • Corrosione Test
  • Fire Test
  • Weight Loss Test 14772, section 6.7